Ease of Use

The BioBolt® EVO3 was designed with the end user in mind, while featuring unmatched capabilities.

  • Keyless and Pin-less Entry
  • Access Modes: Fingerprint, Pin Code or Key
  • Add/Delete users directly on lock
  • Tool free maintenance - Not necessary after install
  • Pin Code access for emergency users: can be deleted at any time!


The BioBolt® EVO3 is able to protect any area without compromising security with its powerful deadbolt locking system.

  • Give temporary access to individuals
  • Prevent lost, stolen or duplicated keys
  • Low battery warning alert
  • Fingerprints and pass codes will not be lost if batteries fail
  • Comes with 4 emergency high security keys


Designed for a long service life, the BioBolt® EVO3 was constructed for not only ease of use and security but also for reliable durability.

  • Features an all metal housing
  • Ansi2 Grade Deadbolt
  • FCC and CE certifigates
  • Warrington Fire Research Approved
  • All weather – Indoor and Outdoor use
  • Operating temperature of -29 F to 140 F
  • State of the art optical 560 DPI scanner

BioBolt EVO3 Lock Features



The BioBolt® EVO3 keyless entry lock is great for locking up guns and valuables indoors or securing outside buildings on your property. Small businesses can use this biometric fingerprint deadbolt to secure equipment rooms or areas that contain important customer information. By using this lock, you maintain complete control over who has access to areas you want to protect with confidence that your assets are secure. The BioBolt® EVO3 biometric lock also provides you with a convenient solution to lost or stolen keys and compromised PIN numbers. It contains capacity for up to 99 fingerprint users, making it ideal for any home or small company. Need to quickly add or delete a user? No problem as you can manage your users via the pin pad quickly and easily.